Black Mountain Communications, Broadband for the Boonies!
Black Mountain Communications
Delivers ''Broadband For The Boonies''

Black Mountain Communications is located in Northwestern Sonoma County, California.

We specialize in providing High-speed Wireless Broadband and networking services to areas previously only served by dial-up or satellite.

We are installed and operational off of Mohrhardt's main tower on Mohrhardt ridge, NW of Cazadero.  We have complete 360 degree coverage,  if you can see the tower we can provide service up to 40 miles away!  

We have coverage on Most of Navaro Ranch,   Blue Jay Ranch, Gualala Ranch, Seaview Ranch,  King Ridge Rd,  Seaview Rd, Bohan Dillon Rd, Old Caz Highway to Guerneville,  North to Annapolis and south to Joy Rd along the top of the ridge in Occidental.

So if you are ready to dump your dish or dial-up you can sign up online at the link below.  

We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, no term commitments, no FAP and you can cancel any time.

If your not happy we don't want you as a customer, we only want happy customers!

Monthly Packages are:  up to 512/512, 1Mbps/1Mbps, 1.5Mbps/1.5Mbps & 2Mbps/2Mbps.

Prices are $49, $59, $69, $79 & $89 per month.

Custom Point to Point systems delivering up to 6-Mbps can be designed.

Total Install cost is $248.00 for a standard installation and one time equipment lease fee.

Our 2nd tower on the ridge above Gualala is planned to cover north to the 10 Mile cutoff rd and south to the Ocean Ridge airport, downtown Gualala and to the Sea Ranch. If you can see them, or have a friend/neighbor who can see them, you are in! Up to 3 miles Non Line of site is also possible!

We hope to expand to the Seaview rd. repeater, Pole Mountain, Annapolis, Stewarts Pt and Pt Arena. If you have a site suitable for a repeater that will help get to these locations you can help us bring "Broadband To The Boonies!"

We are very excited to offer this, it is among the best internet systems available, anywhere in the country!  

We also Sell, Install and Service WildBlue Satellite Systems as well as Sprint Mobile Broadband cards and devices, Linksys Routers and Acer Notebook Computers.

Finally, Satellite Speed Internet is available virtually anywhere in the U.S. Leave the frustration of dial-up behind and begin enjoying the Internet the way it was meant to be. Fast. WildBlue gives you instant access to the Internet and lightning fast web surfing. Now you can download music and video in seconds, send and receive pictures to friends and family, and much more.

"We are Locally Owned and Independently Operated."